Review: Swann Outdoor Security Camera

Stephen Watson
January 13, 2020

The Swann 1080p Outdoor Security Camera only £109.99 via

With Christmas only a few weeks ago home security should be something at the top of your list as there are so many opportunists that might try and take these lovely gifts by breaking into your home. 

A way to prevent this from happening is a security camera which will act as a deterrent to those considering breaking into your home. We have had the chance to review Swann’s Outdoor Security Camera. This camera costs £109.99 via the Swann website and is ideal for anyone considering increasing security in the home. 

The main features of the camera are it’s waterproof to an IP66 rating. This camera also has motion detection plus lights, smart home integration, free recording, 1080P visual quality and last but not least 2-way audio.   

Design-wise this camera won’t look out of place on any house (size: 2.36 x7.3 x3.15 inches) it’s also lightweight in design. The camera as mentioned is IP66 rated meaning it’s completely waterproof plus dustproof and can also handle most temperatures from 4 degrees to 113 degrees. Unfortunately, the weather has only been 6 degrees in London while I have been testing this camera. I will update this review in the summer months for more of an up to date review. 

The back of the camera is an adjustable antenna for Wi-FI as well as ports for the power, ethernet connector and last but not least a reset button if required.

The Camera has a 110=degree line of vision and gives you video in 1080P full HD and comes with a built-in Microphone, PIR Motion Sensor, ambient light sensor and 2 infrared LEDs that give the user up to 100 feet of night vision. Swann has also introduced Amazon smart home into the mix now allowing you to stream the live footage to a number of Alexa devices such as the Echo Show and Amazon Fire TV to link it into your smart home infrastructure.   

Setting up this device is also very easy to do but you will need to download the Safe by Swann app. Once done you connect it to the Swann network then your own it’s very simple to do so. 

Putting the camera up outside is also very simple in the box you have been given a mounting template and are and have also been given mounting screws and plugs to get the camera in position. It’s also worth considering this camera comes with a 60ft/18m power extension cable so you may have to drill a hole into your house as the AC adapter is not waterproof. In our case, we ran into our shed as that has the power inside. The fact you have 60-meter lead means you can place the camera where you need to without the worry about position. Once set up and the AC is plugged in and power is on your ready to go. If you have an issue with the Wi-Fi signal you can use the ethernet cable to give you an extra signal boost. Once set up it’s all down to the app once open on your device.

The image I got on the app of the camera at work was very bright and sharp and this was the same for the night vision. The app allows you to zoom and pan the image. The more you zoom it does affect the image quality when enlarged which is a small disappointment but overall great quality footage.

When using the live stream the app allows you to record video and capture a screenshot of the feed as well as accessing recording clips. The app also allows you to hear what is going on via the built-in mic on the camera this is good for you to pick up footage what is happening and what makes this camera even better is the two-way audio which allows you greet a guest or a delivery driver but also to warn off an unwanted guest.

The camera was accurate in detecting people due to the sensor which picks up body heat and ignores motion from nearby trees or other activity that might create an alert. When you do get an alert they were prompt and you’re sent to the clip that has triggered activity. If you are getting too many alerts you can adjust the sensor on the via the app. You must remember to turn off the motion detection when you’re at home otherwise you will get a few unwanted alerts.

Overall the Swann Outdoor camera is a good option for someone looking for that added security outside your house. The camera basic features and simple set up and operation will make this ideal for someone who wants extra security but maybe a tech novice. I also like the fact you have the two-way audio, 1080P video quality it makes this camera a great buy for someone looking for an easy to set up the camera. So for £109.99, it’s a good entry-level camera and the app really does help with usage. I also like the fact you can link this camera into your existing smart home integration via Alexa or Google Assistant. 

Now If you want to store your recent clips longer then the 7-day memory you can pay for a subscription to Swann’s ExtraSafe Cloud recording plan if you wish.

The Swann 1080p Outdoor Security Camera only £109.99 via

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