Review: Shure SE215 Headphones

Stephen Watson
June 18, 2019

£99 available from

Along with the Shure Bluetooth communication cable we also got to review the Shure SE215 headphones and these are for someone who might consider looking for a pair of earphones with quality sound and perfect for being on the move. The Shure SE215 at £99 are a steal available

These earphones are unlike anything you will see on the market the design is simply unique they are designed to fit perfectly into the outer part of the ear canal but at the same time allowing them the provide noise isolation.

These earphones hold the power in the modules that branch out of the earpieces and they plastic grey parts take on the large cavity that exists just outside the ear canal. Some might even say they look a little like a hearing aid.  The earphones are also use the detachable cables which allowed us to use the RMCE BT2 but also allows you to replace the cable when ever required meaning you save money on brand new earphones when its only the cable that needs replacing. What i did find useful is the cables orient upwards meaning they stay in your ears longer even when on the move.  Shure also provide 2 different size buds for a better fit.

The major issue for some with these earphones is the fact they don’t come with any in-line controls unless you are using the RMCE BT2 that comes with in-line controls so be careful on the model of cable you use.

The performance of these earphones is where they really shine you are given some very good drivers for that audio experience. They really do provide warmth to the sound signature apart from that if your looking for bass heavy earphones look away but if you want a pair of earphones that get the mixture just right then these are for you. The SE215 also come with 8 hours battery life and 10 meters of wireless range.

Overall, the SE215 will take some getting used to with the up upwards orient cables but for £99 these are a great pair of earphone. My surguestion is get rid of the defult cable that comes with them and invest in the RMCE BT2 (£139) as they help offer quality bluetooth signal with great sound performance and with the SE215 at under £100 they are a steal that offer noise isolation as well.

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