Review: Shure RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth 5 Earphone Communication Cable

Stephen Watson
June 19, 2019

Sure RMCE BT2 – £139 from

Here at What Mobile Shure is a new brand to us and we were lucky to review the RMCE-BT2 Bluetooth and the Shure SE 215 earphones that connect with this Bluetooth cable.

The RMCE-BT2 is basically a cable that turns shure earphones wireless!

The design of the Bluetooth cable does not look much but its a very clever design that as mentioned allows you to make your shure earphones wireless.  The cable is about 3 inches long and it comes with the clip that lets you attach to your clothes. The cable has 2x connector cables for you to plug the earbuds in and in this case it was the Shure SE215. The Bluetooth signal was not an issue either as you get Bluetooth 5.0 which is currently the best on the market and I also found when in use they never cut out once. In fact, you get a 30 ft range which for a product like this is amazing.

The bonus of this cable is that it allows for connectivity to other models of earphones from shure such as the SE425, SE535 or the SE846.  The RMCE-BT2 bluetooth cable comes with full controls for volume and track control and it also allows for calls to be recieved and made and the quality is decent. The battery on the cable is also very good with 10 hours of playback and 350 hours of standby.

The only negative i could find when using a product like this is the cost at £139 for the bluetooth cable and then the earphones which in this case was the SE215 at £99. I cant help thinking its a lot of money for someone to invest and that might put someone like myself off. However, its made for Shure so if you want to stick with this brand its a must have accessory if you want wireless earphones to have the same great quality as if you had them wired.

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