Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT 2100

Stephen Watson
November 9, 2018

£89.99 from available in Black or Grey.


Along with the BackBeat Go 810, Plantronics have sent us both the Backbeat FIT 2100 & FIT 3100 both designed with an active lifestyle in mind.  In this review, we concentrate on the Fit 2100.

The BackBeat Fit 2100 compared to the last pair of Sports Headphones we reviewed the Sennheiser CX Sport (£119) have a completely unique look about them. The earpieces are connected to each other via a short rubber cord that just about fits around my neck. The earpieces come in one size and are shaped that the sit inside the ear rather than sealing the ear canal which the Sennheiser’s did. Weight wise they only weigh 28 grams so taking these on the move will not add any real weight to your training session

. The design of these headphones look cool the band is a grey textured band and the earpieces have a metallic sheen with the logo PLT printed on both.  The controls are very easy to handle with the right-hand side is the on/off and also the play/pause or skip forward a track. The Left side controls the volume.  

The Fit 2100 are also waterproof which is good if you are having a big training session and your dripping with sweat they won’t be affected courtesy of the IP57 rating which allows immersion in liquids of up to 1 meter which is handy if they fall off my mistake. I am quite clumsy so this could very well happen.

Taking/ Making calls on these are also very easy you can answer an incoming call with one tap and the sound is not to bad for sports headphones when you’re on the move.

One Feature I really like with these and what comes in handy when am out running is that you can download the PLT BackBeat App called My Tap and this allows you to assign different actions to the one or two taps like setting a stopwatch, checking battery level or the chance to use Siri/Google Assistant you can even ask it to play your running playlist.  The app also has a find my headset feature but if the headphones are off this feature won’t work.

The Battery on these is advised to be 7 hours listening time with 14 days standby time and putting these into practice I got about 6 and half hours listening time so not to bad but I do like to listen to the eye of the tiger of repeat loud lol. When you turn the headphones on you are informed of the battery level.

The Sound of these headphones are ok they are not fantastic or even better than the Sennheiser CX Sport for that matter but they are not, by all means, terrible and with the use of 13.5mm drivers and this is because they don’t have noise cancellation instead you get some ambient noise and this is due to the feature called. “Always Aware”. This keeps us informed of my surroundings but still allowing to listen to my music but without the risk of being run over.  If you’re looking for headphones that give you a lot of base these are not for you but if you want a clear sound and a pair of sports headphones that are stable when using them they are worth a shot. I asked some regular runner friends what more important sound quality or price and stability and they said the later every time. So the FIT 2100 seems to fit the active user brief.

So overall they are a decent fit but if you want sound over price maybe look elsewhere but for headphones that will fit perfectly and an app you can command to create shortcuts without having to get my phone out. At £89.99 that is a good option for someone who likes to run without the feeling the headphones might fall out.

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