Review: Monster Superstar S100 Wireless Speaker

Stephen Watson
November 14, 2018

The Monster SuperStar S100 – £49.95 from

We have tested a number of Wireless Speakers here at What Mobile and here the turn of the Monster Superstar S100. I first saw the Brand Monster at a recent press event. The S100 is the first one of the series with the larger S200 & S300 in the range we have had the chance to review and on the first look I had a mixed feeling about this. It looks great but can it pack a punch?

When I paired the speaker to my OnePlus 5T it paired in seconds as the speaker automatically goes to pairing which is great and sound wise it’s decent and the speaker can fit in your hand and its light only 204 grams so the perfect speaker for being on the move. The speaker is triangle shape with 4 little feet on the base so it won’t move about. The Speaker is also waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

The downside to this speaker, unfortunately, are the features they are so basic.  The multifunction button allows you to turn it on or off and press play/pause and answer/end calls and that is it. However, on the first inspection, it did take a couple of minutes to figure out as it has no buttons or symbols to give us any indication of how to turn it on. This speaker does not have volume controls or track skip if you want to do either get your phone out. This is simply surprising for a speaker like this. Once you do turn it on and pair your hear a ladies voice who says “ We are connected”

The Speaker does have an integrated microphone and people who I called said I sounded perfect so here a positive from this speaker. The rest of the design is made up of a Micro-USB and audio input hiding under the opposite side to the power button it’s covered by a plastic cover to stop any dust or water getting in. Before I forget you also get a lanyard to hang your speaker if you want.

Monster tells us the battery life is 9 hours but we charged it fully and used it till 0% and you will only get about 6 and Half hours of use but if you use at lower volume it might last longer but who wants to do that. To recharge this little speaker you are given a micro-USB cable and can recharge after about an hour. One bonus to this speaker is if there no activity after about 10 minutes it will just turn off.

As for the performance, this is where Monster S100 shines it maybe a tiny speaker but if you pump up the volume there is no distortion which is great for a speaker that size. If you play our bass testing track Alice Murton- No Roots and the speaker has a lovely deep base.

So overall this is a good speaker that sounds great but the negative is the lack of volume and track controls but if you don’t mind getting your phone out to do these things its worth a buy and under £50 go for it.

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