Review: Libratone Zipp Mini 2 Smart Speaker

Stephen Watson
June 22, 2019

Here at What Mobile, we have been lucky to have had the chance to test a number of smart speakers and this time was the chance of the Libratone Zipp Mini 2. We are in a world where smart assistants are as normal as making a cup of tea and more and more people either something like Alexa. The Zipp Mini 2 allows users of both IOS or Andriod to use this so that is already a good sign so let’s take a deeper look.

The Zipp Mini 2 comes in 4 different interchangeable covers such as Black, Gray, Green or Red and each come with a zip at the base of the speaker allowing you to change the colours if you wish ( covers sold separately).

The speaker also has a leather strap to hang the speaker but am concerned about hanging it as the speaker is nearly 3 pounds. I expect this strap is in place for when you want to carry around maybe?

At the bottom of the speaker, you have the power button followed by the power input, AUX Jack & USB port that also allows you to charge your phone if needed. You also get a power adapter that as the company branding on the plug and allows for different adapters to be used it comes with UK & USA but am sure you would buy EU adapters. The charger does come with a very long cable which can be handy.

On top of the speaker, you have a bird logo this is where you control the speaker. Most basic instructions can be done by a simple tap on the bird logo and a double tap when changing tracks and if you run your finger around. The sensor at the top you control the volume.

Sound wise this speaker has a 3 inch neodymium woofer that can deliver a range of up to 20KHz. It has dual passive radiators allowing for a 360 degree sound.  To use this smart speaker you have to download the Libratone app which is very easy to use and you can be set up in about 1 minute. Once set up the app can be used for updates to the speaker as well as being able to set what it does in different enviroments such as outside mode. The app also allows you to change the brightness and control the basic functions if you prefer doing everything on the phone.  

I used this speaker with Alexa and in the app, it’s very easy to set up then you give the speaker access to all the normal benefits of Alexa such as Amazon Music but you can also use  Spotify or Tidal and you even can set up Internet radio if you wish.

The Zipp Mini 2 also doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker and pairing are like any other speaker and the USB port allows for playback from laptop or PC and the aux input for a wired connection.  This Speaker also provides 12 hours of active use and allows you to use it without being plugged in. If paired with a second Zipp Mini 2 creates a stereo sound perfect for if you are having a party you can also link this to up to 10 speakers for sound in every room but if you’re like me I have 2 smart speakers and that is more then enough.

Music streaming is also done with ease on the Zipp Mini 2 as you can use Spotify connect which uses higher quality wi-fi vs Bluetooth meaning fewer dropouts. This smart speaker also allows the use of Tidal & TuneIn radio. Personally,   have been using Tidal for some time now and find it very good when it comes to the Hifi settings.

Things I was not impressed with in regards to the Zipp Mini 2 was the fact you had no actual adjustable EQ and I also noticed when you had music on the speaker was less sensitive when I made commands sometimes I would have to raise my voice twice for Alexa to hear me.  The Zipp Mini 2 is also not waterproof or even water resistant meaning using it outside or even on holiday is a concern. I think Libratone has dropped the can in regards to this as its a great speaker but without it being waterproof taking this with me on holiday would be a concern.

To summerise this is good smart speaker but would it that you can take on the move and with features such as the hush gesture for turning the volume down and a sleep timer for if you want a fall asleep listening to some chill out music but don’t want to the speaker to be on all night this speaker is for you. I like the fact not only you can change the speaker cover for other colours and you can use the strap to hang the speaker up when in use. This speaker also allows the use of Amazon music, Tidal and TuneIn radio and will last all day with a 12 hour battery life and can be used when plugged in as well.

Personally, would I replace my Riva Concert for indoor use with the Zipp Mini 2 I would say no as I was not keen on the controls but for outside use, this is a great portable smart speaker so give it a try available from Amazon at £229.

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