Review: Libratone Track+ wireless noise cancelling headphones.

Stephen Watson
June 23, 2019

Libratone Track+ wireless ANC headphones available from Amazon for £169.99

Libratone are a brand we have only started to see what they can do with the Zipp Mini 2 smart speaker which recently reviewed. This time around we are testing one of there range of headphones in the shape of the Track+ costing £169.99 from Amazon and come in two colours: Black or White.

These headphones use a neckband design and the cable linking the earbuds are made of aluminium and silicone making it comfortable, light and durable. The headphones are also IPX4 rated meaning they are sweat resistant which is good for hitting the gym with these bad boys. The earbud housing are aluminium made and you get 3 pairs of wings that help the fit for these with different ear shape.

The controls are at the bottom of the neckband are as follows. The left side is where the battery is housed and you also have the power button and on the right side, you 3 have the 3 standard buttons you come to expect on headphones like these such as volume and playback controls. You also have the MicroUSB charging port on the bottom of the right side. You get 8 hours of battery life which was ok for me for a few days of travelling on the train before I needed to charge them and were fully charged in 1 hour.

To set these up you need to download the Libratone app which helps with the performance and ANC.  In regards to the most important factor, the sound these headphones offer will bring bass lovers in there droves. They provide warmth and the bass helps drown out the ambient sounds. The highs are rolled off and soft in detail and the mids are smooth making for an excellent sound profile.

To aid the sound quality even more Libratone have used the app to provide 4 levels of ANC very much like the Jabra’s Sound+ app. Meaning you can have a different sound setting for when you’re on the go or when you are sitting on a train or plane you get the perfect level of ANC you need. The app uses your phone accelerometer to detect motion which gives you the perfect switch every time.

The only real negatives for the Track+ is the call quality I found taking and receiving calls with these provided real struggles when I been on the train or walking down a busy road I ended up avoiding using these for calls.  

Overall, The Track+ are fantastically built and stylish pair of earbuds with a nice sound profile and 4 different ANC settings for when your on the move of when you’re in the middle of a daily journey to work. My hope is that Libratone sort out the call quality and for £169.99 one might have expected a carry case to keep them safe when not in use. Apart from that a very good option to consider.

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