Review: D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD

Stephen Watson
April 3, 2019

The Omna 180 cam HD – £118.89 available from Amazon

More of your homes becoming smart homes so having security is now a must more than ever. Here at What Mobile, we have covered a number of security options from our friends D-Link and the Omna 180 cam HD is the latest we got the chance to review. D-Links Omna 180 cam HD is different to others we have tested mainly as this is the first camera certified to work with Apple’s HomeKit platform. Which will clearly split its users as this is more suited to Apple users over our friends on Android.

Design wise the Omna 180 cam HD has a silver body with aluminium finish and its cylindrical form all reminds us of that traditional Apple look.  The Camera has a 180 degree wide which captures video is full HD resolution.

The Omna 180 cam HD has the following features:

  • Motion Detection with alerts
  • Two-way communication
  • Night vision
  • Micro SD Card storage

So you are able to record on a micro SD card and can use one up to 128GB however this is something you will have to buy additionally but they are available up to the £30 mark so not an issue. The Micro SD card slot is at the base of the camera.

Set up wise it was very quick and easy as mentioned you can set up on both Apple and Andriod but as the packaging directs you more towards Apple I choice set up on my iPhone X.  You can set up via either the Apple HomeKit or via the Omna app. I have done both and the set up on either option takes seconds to do which is great considering I have taken hours setting up some other security products.


The 180-degree field of view was great for viewing the whole room and in this review, it was my living room. The image was very sharp either during the day or even at night provided rich and accurate colours.  

When using the Omna app it allows you to view all of your other Omna Camera on the Home screen if you click on the arrow on the home page it takes you to all your connected devices.

When you click on the camera image it takes you into the live feed and there you can control the camera mic and speaker and also taking screenshots if required. The microphone and speaker are also very clear and loud allowing me to communicate via the camera if required.

The Omna 180 cam HD was very good at catching motion detection and is very responsive to living bodies even at night. You don’t get many false alerts but if that does happen you can change to detection sensitivity in the settings. You can even turn off the detection if you require.  You can view any triggered videos in chronological order on the app.

The Omna 180 cam HD also worked very well with my other smart home devices such as Siri or any smart home lighting you might have. So overall the Omna is very good security with great image quality both during the day and even when viewing at night, The motion detection is also very good and picks any kind of detection which is very good when you arm the security camera.

The app and the chance to use it with the Apple Home app allow you to access the camera on the go.  My only negative is if your house was under attack from a burglar there nothing stopping them from even taking the camera or SD Card which concerns me as the camera does not hide in plain sight and you can instantly tell its a security camera. However, overall its a good camera with great motion detection and if you can look past the issue I have with it not being mounted you have a very good camera.


The Omna 180 cam HD – £118.89 available from Amazon

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