Review: Mophie Powerstation PD XL – A Powerbank that can literally fast charge anything!

Stephen Watson
March 27, 2019

Mophie Powerstation PD XL – Available from Morphie for £79.95

Heading off to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona meant I had to remember the essentials such as my passport, boarding pass, notebook and of course my dictaphone. However, one thing I couldn’t afford to forget was a power-bank as I needed to be on the case covering MWC and couldn’t forward an outage of power.

Helping me overcome any fears of battery loss, I had the Mophie power station PD XL at my disposal and this did the job it was tasked with doing. Mophie has a brand known for making battery packs at a premium price and this powerbank falls into the same category its £79.95 from Mophie website.

This powerbank was able to last up the 35 hours that Mophie mentioned on the packaging and this was a lifesaver as I jumped from phone launch to phone launch via some meetings in between. While I didn’t need up to 35 hours, it was reassuring to know that I at least had this to fall back on, especially as I have an iPhone 8 and as much as I love it, the battery life isn’t the best.

While it’s admittedly bulky there was no concern with its 10,050mAh power and the 18w output was more than adequate to support me throughout the four days.

Design wise its very lightweight and made from plastic instead of Aluminum. The charger has 4 LED lights on the side which shows the power the left in the power bank.  There is also a power button which is required when using the powerbank when using the USB-C port both input and output.

It doesn’t matter what type of phone you’ve got, as it’s compatible with USB-C and USB devices which will allow most people the chance to use this powerbank. This Powerbank costs £79 and most people will question why so much for a powerbank. It’s because of the fact it has both USB-C PD & USB-C power delivery which is a safer way to fast charge. This charger can even charge larger items such as a laptop and means its perfect for these on the run in the business world.

The only negative to this powerbank is the use of USB-C PD  which means you need to carry a USB-C cable around with you making the point wireless powerbank a bit pointless but I understand the need of a cable if am using this to charge my laptop as well. Also, Mophie does not give you a USB-C cable even though it’s required.

Overall, This powerbank is very good with 10,050mAh of charge you will get about 3 full charges on a smartphone or 2 full charges on a tablet its very good for a charger of this size and weight. Granted the cost of this powerbank is a little expensive but using the new USB-C PD technology is still new in time the cost will come down. This charger is great for charging a number of different products on the run and well worth the investment.

When I go back to MWC next year I will go there with peace of mind, knowing that this power bank can survive the mayhem and chaos of being at the world’s biggest mobile conference.

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