Review: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium wireless headphones

Stephen Watson
March 27, 2019

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium wireless headphones Available for £89.99 via Amazon

Here at What Mobile, we get a wide range of audio products to review and over the last few months I have tested a number of different headphones. Most recently I got the chance to test the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium that really looks different compared to your normal style headphones.

You will notice the headphones sit outside of the ear and this is done with the help of its bone conduction technology which sends vibrations via low-frequency sound into the inner without sending a signal into the eardrum protecting your ears. They cost £89.99 and come in Blue, Green, Pink and what we are testing are two-tone black/grey.

The design of the Titanium is very different to anything I have seen before they have 2 x bone conduction transducers that sit to the side of the ear and send sound into the ear from the outside.  On the left side of the headphones is a pause button when required and on the right-hand side, you have the volume control and power/pairing controls and micro USB charge port.

These headphones are for the sport users such as cyclists but the headband is very big without the ability to adjust which is a real negative in my ears as when on the move they feel very loose. However, we all have different size heads so what might seem big to me will fit the next person perfectly but it would have been nice to have had the chance to adjust.

As mentioned these are designed for the fitness fan among us and using these when cycling as am currently training to get fit again these allow you to listen to music but still be aware of your surroundings which is both a good and a bad thing.  

The good points are when riding my bike in the town centre being able to have that situational awareness is a godsend with some many car drivers completely unaware of me on the road as clearly the bright green jacket and flashing lights don’t give the game away.

The downside to the design is sometimes you just want to zone out and not hear all the outside noise for example when I was on the train having a pair of headphones with ANC is a wonderful thing to have. The AfterShokz don’t give you that joy when required which makes me think they are more for when am getting my fitness on.  

Once you have figured out where best to use these the sound is very good in fact while writing this review I have them on in my office and they are a joy to use. If your a bass fan look elsewhere as these give a completely different experience. Pushing the sound up you can really feel the vibrations which take some time to get used to.

Taking calls on these is very easy its click once on the multifunction button to answer a call and the sound quality is not too bad I did feel the outside noise affected me listening to the other person at the other end but overall they did the job and when you finished the call just tap the multifunction button again and your music will return.

Battery wise unfortunately I feel this is the downside a full charge only allows 6 hours of charge and am currently aiming to do the London to Brighton Bike ride in the summer and feel they simply won’t cover me for the whole day.  If you had double the battery at 12 hours I feel this would have been an improvement and feel the limited battery life might put people off what is a great pair of headphones.

Overall, at £89.99 these headphones really give you a whole new listening experience gone are ear wax covered earbuds and in comes cheekbone conduction. They are lightweight and very comfortable apart from the fact they are a little bit big. Sound wise they perform better when you’re doing some work in the office or if you have gym equipment at home. Its when you take these outside the issues arise. Sound wise you don’t really get any bass and in busy environments, they feel a bit pointless. As you can hear everything as these headphones do not create a seal in the ear to block out the outside noise. However, when cycling I got the best of both worlds I had the benefit of situational awareness at the same time I could enjoy some of my favourite songs while getting fit. However, the lack of battery power at only 6 hours really does limit my uses for these headphones.

Available £89.99 via Amazon

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