iPad 2018- Review

Chris Paul Alick
September 5, 2018

With the hype of the latest iPhone X, many people are completely undermining the release of the new Apple pro tablets. So, we’re going to dive in and give our take of the latest iPad.

When Apple debuted the latest iPad in March of 2018, adding pencil support and a faster processor, it lowered the jump between the entry-level tablet and its much more expensive iPad Pro siblings. The newest 2018 iPad is basically the 2017 model with a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil. It’s still the same price as the 2017 model but now with a faster processor and the Pencil so there’s not much of a reason to actually buy the 2017 model unless they dramatically lower the price for the 2017 model.

Apple iPad 2018 Prices

32GB Wi-Fi

128GB Wi-Fi






















These prices truly are reasonable. It’s great to see Apple having a more affordable option for the iPad that still has essentially all of the big features of the high-end iPad Pro now. With the addition of the Apple Pencil support, it’s hard to truly justify getting the iPad Pro over the iPad 2018. It’s really turned into an all-in-one tablet.

Apple iPad (9.7-inch, 2018)

Price as reviewed

Starting at $329


2.3GHz A10 processor







Operating system

Apple iOS 11.3

As you can see from the specs, you get a new 2.3GHz A10 processor which just runs circles around the older 16GB iPad you own that you probably paid north of $500 for. You’re really getting quite a bang for the buck now with this new iPad 2018. I will note that the iPad has the first-generation Touch ID button, not the second-generation one found in newer iPhones and the iPad Pro, but it works just fine. Should also be noted that the LTE speeds on the iPad got a bump up to 300Mbps. I don’t use LTE on iPads personally, but you might. You can also tether your iPad with your phone.

Apple Pencil Compatibility

As we have mentioned above, this new iPad 2018 works with the Apple Pencil stylus now. This is a great addition for anyone thinking of doing creative work. The pencil stylus is a pressure-sensitive stylus and is helpful in the various art apps offered on the apple app store. The stylus comes in handy in its iWorks suite of apps, including Pages and Notes app. Don’t forget the ability to add instant annotations to PDFs and photos. The Apple Pencil isn’t required to perform basic markup either. Your finger will be able to get the job done just fine, so you can skip the expense of the Apple Pencil if need be or just opt to upgrade to it a later point in time. I find it personally a thrill to use the stylus when marking up notes, PDFs, and photos on the iPad.

Video Game Performance

I’ve been using the iPad quite extensively for the past few weeks, and I must say that the gaming performance on this new iPad is absolutely a blessing with the upgraded processor. Games run great, apps load fast, and battery life has been better than expected. The screen is a great size for video games. It may not have the same definition as the high-end iPad Pro but it’s still an amazing picture on the retina display. Everything looks great and the retina screen is still just as responsive as it has always been.

Battery Life

Apple states the same 10 hours of battery life for all current iPads when streaming or browsing the web. Many have found it to be even better than that. They claim it lasted an average of 12 hours and 45 minutes in three video streaming playback tests. I haven’t tested it for myself as I am one of those who always plugs in to have it fully charged for when I use it. The iPad has certainly been notorious for having better battery life than the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Samsun Chromebook Pro.

Final Thoughts

If you have the nearly identical (minus the stylus and upgraded processor) 2017 iPad, I wouldn’t really feel the necessity to upgrade. If you’re one of the many who didn’t get the iPad 2017 and still using the archaic iPad 2 or the iPad Air, then I highly recommend getting the iPad 2018. You’ll notice a significant improvement at a great price. If you don’t have an iPad at all, what are you doing with your life? Get an iPad 2018! You’ll love it!

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