Junaid Ali Qureshi
August 31, 2018

The number of YouTube users vary from profession to profession. There could be a user from an expert e-commerce development company who intend to use YouTube for e-commerce development purpose or there could be any layman user too. The purpose of mentioning users for YouTube is that there are times when different types of YouTube users do not want the videos they have watched to appear in search history, there are times when YouTube users do not want the previous videos they have watched to influence their recommendations. The user needs and UX is determined in this way. For this reason, YouTube has added an Incognito mode.

YouTube’s Incognito mode allows you to browse privately. When Incognito mode is on, your activities from currents sessions are not saved and subscriptions, inbox, search, inbox and library are hidden. Incognito mode is as if you are not logged in to YouTube at all.

Videos you watch in Incognito mode will not influence your recommendations, they will not show in your search history and they will not show in your watch history. When you close Incognito mode all activities you engaged in while in Incognito mode will be cleared. Magento developers can help you understand more about YouTube Incognito mode.

YouTube Incognito mode can improve a consumer’s e-commerce experience as a customer can browse different products without being retargeted by videos of other products or services. With Incognito mode consumers can make unbiased decisions about what they want.

When you open Incognito mode, you will see videos that are trending for that day on YouTube. These videos may not interest you as Google did not use your search data to influence recommendations.

The main benefit of Incognito mode is that it prevents particular subjects or topics from crowding your video recommendations.


  1. Make sure you have the latest YouTube app
      2.  Open the YouTube app

      3. Tap the account profile picture

      4. Tap “Turn on Incognito


  1. Tap the account profile picture 

     2. Tap “Turn off Incognito”

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