Best Electronic Cigarette Apps You Can’t Refuse

Jesenia Rogahn
March 11, 2019

Technological advancements have made us rely so much on our mobile devices for all sorts of things’entertainment, health information, gossip, and more. It is thus only reasonable to exploit the great power of these handheld devices to our advantage. Those who have decided to give up smoking and switch to vaping to more safely enjoy nicotine can also use mobile apps to get some crucial vaping information, to share experiences with fellow vapers, and to monitor and improve their vaping habits, among other things.

The following are some of the best electronic cigarette apps you cannot afford not to have as a vaper:


Those who have had a hell of a time trying to quit smoking can rely on this app, which is great at doing amazing scientific experiments by logging your answers into a multitude of queries. With over 20 varying techniques backed by evidence and techniques, the app comes in handy to help smokers overcome cravings for cigarettes. The app allows you to realize how much you have saved, the number of cigarettes you have avoided, the length of time you have stayed away from smoking, and how your health is getting better by abstaining from cigarettes. You only need to log your cravings into the app and you will get free advice.

Vape Boss

You have a personal encyclopedia in Vape Boss. Those who are new to vaping may not be aware of where to find the stores in their locality for their vaping supplies. They may also need help getting reviews on the new products that have hit the market. New vapers may also desire to connect with other vapers and get more information from them. All these are possible with the Vape Boss. It avails all vaping information in one place, so it is an app you cannot refuse as an e-cig user. So, with all the information you need to make a good choice, you can buy your e-cigs from a reputable manufacturer, for example, Epuffer, whose various e-cigs and vaping supplies you can find at

Vape Mate

You do not have to burden your memory with keeping track of your vaping habits, as Vape Mate will help you deal with that. If you switched from smoking to vaping, it is easy to forget how long it is since you have given up smoking and taken up vaping. The app can help you keep count of how much you have spent on vaping compared with your monthly expenditure on smoking, thus allowing you to see how much you have saved. Also, you can find out how many cigarettes you have avoided since kicking away smoking. The app can play the roles of both a smoking timer and a calculator for savings.

Ohm’s law

The Ohm’s law app spares you the stressful research and calculations by helping you optimize on your liquid. You can count on this app to assist you to do the calculations regarding which cartridge will help vaporize in the most effective way. Ohm’s law can also help you with the arithmetic involving the level of nicotine you are consuming, how much to add if you need higher nicotine content and other such things.

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