Fun and creative ways in which people can up their messaging game in 2019?

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March 11, 2019

In the age of social media, we are constantly contacting friends and family but how can you up your messaging game here some apps that will help your messaging fun:


Quite easily seen as one of the most used apps around, a recent Snapchat addition known as 3D Friendmojis World Lens showcases Snapchat’s first birth into Augmented reality by allowing you to transpose a 3D virtual version of yourself into the real world, but to add one of your friends too.

To hang out with a friend in augmented reality users simply open a chat and access the camera and with the tap of the screen to open the Lens carousel you will find your own Bitmoji and your friends’. These 3D Friendmojis are scalable and moveable just like other lenses.


A very popular feature on the popular messaging service allows users to combine reading messages in chats whilst taking in video content without needing to leave the app let alone a chat in order to view it. The feature also offers users the chance to move the floating video around the app to suit their preference.


Viber boasts a ‘communities’ feature which offers a whopping one billion members a platform to exchange messages and engage with one another using GiFs, emoji’s and sticker packs. This unique feature offers community admins the ability to manage, engage, and grow large-scale active groups around common interests, experiences, causes and more.


In what is believed to be the leading messaging app in the Asian region, the app reportedly hosts hundreds of millions of registered users. Its group chat allows up to 200 participants with end to end encryption. It has recently launched a payment service feature in partnership with Visa and as part of this offering, their first year of use will see customers get three per cent of their spending back in Line’s “Points” virtual currency, which is used to buy stickers and other useful content.

Android messages

Google’s newly released messaging app is seen as the ideal platform for android users texting about restaurants, movies, or weather. With the help of it’s Assistant’, the app will offer links to additional information ‘ which it calls “suggestion chips”.  These links are designed to help add to the conversation. For instance, a link to a restaurant review may be offered when you’re deciding on dinner plans the assistant will then be tasked with providing optional responses into the message chain for the user.


Seen as one of the newest and most exciting ways for team collaboration in the workplace allowing users to share channels with companies and businesses you regularly work with – like clients, vendors, and partners – to bring all the right people into the same room. The app also has the capacity to handle over 1,500 apps which can be integrated into Slack and used for file sharing and screen share.

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