Best Mobile Browser Games 2019

Adam Lumb
March 8, 2019

Everyone likes to play games on their mobile, with plenty of viral releases eating into the old video game dominance. With such a potentially lucrative market to tap into, developers have flocked to the scene to try and top Google Play and the App Store’s gaming charts. The one problem? Installing new apps takes up space. The solution? Try out the top mobile browser games instead!

In previous times, games for mobile browser weren’t anywhere near as good as their native companions. Many were developed using Adobe’s Flash – which spelt trouble for mobile devices – or else were far too basic to challenge the app experience. However, today that’s not a problem, with fancy HTML5 and other advancements making gaming on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or a browser substitute a piece of cake.

Yet, the minefield that is deciding on a title is still an issue. But maybe not now we’ve compiled our best free mobile browser games for 2019€¦


Snake is a remake of the classic Nokia mobile game in which you play as a hungry snake trying to devour blocks while growing in extension during the process.

When Snake was available on everyone’s phone in the early 2000s, it was, without doubt, one of the most popular games of its kind. The game is simple:

  • You cannot hit the walls
  • You cannot hit your tail
  • The more you eat the more points you get

However, Snake is now available in HTML5 format – so you can fire it up whenever you need a good dose of nostalgia!

Indi Cannon

Indi Cannon is a cannon-based coin collecting game in which you fire an Indiana Jones look-a-like ragdoll across a jungle in order to progress to the next level.

This game is great fun because it has peculiar physics mechanics, so the Indi-doll flops around in all sorts of bizarre and amusing ways. As each level progresses, new obstacles are introduced like swinging blades or man-eating plants – just to add to the tension.

Can you collect all the coins you need? Give Indi Cannon a go.

Truck Trials

Do you like cars? How about monster trucks? Fancy a few time trials?

If the answer is all yes then our next browser game on mobile – Truck Trials – will be right up your street.

In Truck Trials, you race across hazard tracks, bouncing over obstacles, whilst picking up loot along the way. The aim of the game is to collect big combos, and when you manage to hit those big points you’ll unlock new cards for enhancements.


Our next entry is perhaps the most popular (or most played) slot machine of all time. Starburst was released by NetEnt way back in 2012, but it’s still the go-to game for many casino players.

Why? Well, it’s a combination of things:

  • Mixing classic fruit machines with futuristic elements
  • Unique features and functions
  • A recent HTML5 upgrade

That last point is important as it means you can play Starburst at near enough all mobile casinos using your browser. As there are so many, we’ve enlisted the help of an expert to narrow down your choices.

Cartoon Flight

Cartoon Flight is our penultimate addition, and it takes the form of a simple coin collecting game.

You navigate your way along a flight path, taking care to avoid obstacles while shooting enemies and collecting rewards.

To play Cartoon Flight is easy to master as all you need to do is control the x-axis movements of the fighter plane itself. You automatically shoot and move ahead.

Speed Pool King

The final entry on our list is Speed Pool King. It’s true that pool games for mobile browser have been around for several years now, but this has a little kick to it.

 Enter the pool hall, not just with the aim of potting all the balls but as fast as you can! To help you do this, the shot mechanism is very quick and easy:

  • Take aim
  • Pull back the queue
  • Release.

You’ll get special win multipliers if you go on winning streaks, with your remaining time once finished given as bonus points.

Have we missed any out? While we’ve tried to make this piece as detailed as possible, we’ve undoubtedly missed some crackers.

Let us know your favourite mobile browser games in the comments below!

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