Android users are clumsier than iPhone owners according to study

Paul Lipscombe
October 15, 2018

Female users for both platforms are more likely to experience water damage

Android users are more clumsy than their iPhone counterparts according to a study carried out by Protect Your Bubble.

The insurance provider found that over three-quarters (76.2 per cent) of Android and non-iOS users have submitted a claim for ‘accidental damage’, while in comparison just 62 per cent of Apple users cited the same thing.

Despite the research finding that Apple users tend to be more careful with their phones, data also revealed that iPhone users are more likely to experience water-damage (11.1 per cent) compared to Android (4.4 per cent).

Female iPhones users were the most likely demographic to drown their devices, with 12.6 per cent citing ‘liquid damage’ compared to 8.9 per cent for males.

Meanwhile, 5.2 per cent of female Android users cited the same, compared to 3.6 per cent of men.

Protect Your Bubble also found that Millennials were clumsier than pensioners as 80 per cent of 21 to 35-year-olds claimed for ‘accidental damage’ as opposed to 73 per cent for those over 65.

Although the over 65’s are more likely to experience water-damage as 10.7 per cent of pensioners claimed for this while only 7.8 per cent of Millennials did.

Butter-fingered Brits

Protect Your Bubble director James Brown said: “Our research shows that we are unquestionably a nation of butter-fingered Brits.

“Sadly our data proves ‘accidental damage’ is the overwhelming cause of gadget mortality, with 65.2 per cent of our customers submitting claims for this reason in 2017.

“But what raises eyebrows further is those iPhone owners are clearly substantially worse at keeping their devices above water level. One of the many causes of liquid damage is dropping a phone in the loo.”

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