Cool appliances to make your home smarter

Iyan Adeendren
October 15, 2018

With the advent of the Internet and smart devices, a smart house is no longer a dream for you. Advanced technology, interactive devices and incredible ease of use have allowed us to live a life of comfort. Making our lives less cluttered, easier to manage and better in every possible way, cool gadgets help you connect to the internet and allow you to control various features of the gadgets from any place. Making use of IoT (Internet of Things), gadgets allow you to make use of technology to make living easier and better.

The all-rounder: Amazon Echo

The first gadget that you should be using to make your house smarter is Amazon Echo. One of the best features about Amazon Echo is that you can virtually play any kind of song online without you having to fiddle with it. Furthermore, the device can be hooked up to various hubs of the house. The device can be integrated to Wink, Insteon, and SmartThings, which allows you to control the temperature of your room, manage the hue of the smart bulbs that you use and to even set-up the video recording feature of your TV with a simple voice command. But that’s not all, the Amazon Echo with the help of the built-in Alexa assistant can carry out a lot more tasks and function all through your voice.

Smart Body Weighing: Nokia Body Cardio Bathroom Scales

Are you a fitness freak? Do you weigh yourself before you take a shower every day? Then a smart weighing scale that is always connected to your phone is the best option for you. Nokia’s Body Cardio bathroom scales offer the perfect opportunity to weigh your body weight, the percentage of water weight and help you find the correct body fat percentage. The body weighing scale can be connected to your Nokia Health app, which can be downloaded online, to view your progress and weight. Furthermore, the app sends you regular forecast for the day and your heart rate. Also, the app stores every measurement and monitors weight gain or loss over a period of time, which will help you to set a routine working out.

Smart monitoring: Netatmo Welcome

If you are looking for a smart way to watch over various activities in your house, then Netatmo’s Welcome is the best option for you. This stylish, cylindrical security camera records all the videos and uploads it to a cloud system without any special subscription, unlike other smart cameras. This smart camera also has the feature of face recognition, meaning that the camera will automatically turn off video recording when it sees familiar faces in the room. Furthermore, the camera also packs an impressive night mode, which offers decent night videos.

Smart Home Lock, No Keys Required: August Smart Lock

The security of your house now starts with your smartphone. Be the keymaster and keep track of who comes to your house. This stylishly round lock can be fixed at your doors and can be connected to your smartphone. Giving you a virtual key to open the door with the help of your iOS or Android smartphones, the lock works well with Amazon Alexa as well. Furthermore, with this lock system, you can forget about your worries of locking and unlocking the door. Turn the lock on or off with your smartphone and find your mental peace with it.

Smartest Fridge: Samsung Family Hub

Say goodbye to making use of mundane refrigerators and bring home the smartest one, Samsung Family Hub. With the dual double-doored system, the Samsung Family Hub features double-door unit on top and bottom. The lower double door section is called “FlexZone” which can be turned into a chiller or a freezer as per your needs. Furthermore, it features 21-Inch Touchscreen and Samsung’s very own Bixby integration. With Wi-Fi Connectivity the touchscreen graces information from the internet, includes news, weather reports and allows you to set reminders. Furthermore, the screen also allows you to leave digital post-it notes for others. Apart from this, the fridge features three cameras that are placed inside and allows you to view your refrigerator at any point with the help of your smartphone, a surprisingly unique feature that helps you shop your groceries better.

Furthermore, Samsung has partnered with Instacart and Groceries by Mastercard that allows you to order groceries directly from your refrigerator. Apart from this, Samsung has added some nifty features that allow the refrigerator to keep track of the perishable goods, and food items that are nearing expiration date. Furthermore, there is an app for managing the temperatures for your refrigerator as well.

With many smart machines and devices for your home, there is hardly any appliance that cannot be connected to your smartphone. Find a smart juicer or a coffee machine or even a body weighing scale and embrace smart living!

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