ZTE Axon will get Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass

Thomas Wellburn
July 22, 2015

The upcoming ZTE Axon will be the first smart device to get a special anti-bacterial version of Cornering Gorilla Glass, protecting you from germs and bacteria.

Anti-bacterial products are likely to be the next big thing in smartphone technology, as it’s an overdue feature that people really need in their devices. When a study by Which? magazine showed that some smartphones have more germs than your toilet seat, I wasn’t really surprised. We take our smartphones everywhere with us, prodding and poking them at every opportunity. Of course, this is going to attract and spread a lot of germs. The technology already has great implications for the medical industry, where doctors and nurses will finally be able to carry sterile smart devices without worry of cross-contamination.

Cornering debuted its anti-bacterial Gorilla Glass back in January this year, but until now it has yet to be introduced in a device. We’ve heard that Blackberry was considering it for an upcoming device but it seems that ZTE has pipped them to the post. The recently revealed ZTE Axon flagship will be the first device to feature the technology. The glass will incorporate all the strength benefits of Gorilla Glass with an antimicrobial ionic silver layer that kills germs. The glass has even managed to achieve certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Cornering say that the silver layer will last the lifetime of the phone, meaning you should be able to continue using your device on the toilet without worry.

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