Xbox One shown off on video yet again…

Jordan O'Brien
November 13, 2013

It’s been a few days since we’ve seen a video of the Xbox One in action, but don’t worry Microsoft realises you can’t go too long without one so the company has released yet another. This time we see an unlikely scenario of excess, where Microsoft’s Yusuf Medhi shows off the Xbox One’s ability to multitask.

Of course multitasking is a big feature with the new Xbox One, using Windows 8-style snapping to the side of the screen, but some of the things that are demonstrated we hope you won’t do whilst racing in excess of 75 mph on Forza 5.

In the demonstration Medhi shows off the Xbox One’s ability to respond to voice commands even whilst playing Forza 5, with a few commands barked at the TV to snap Internet Explorer, ESPN and an activity feed directly to the side of his game. Of course the Xbox recognises that Medhi is doing something that is simply impossible to play a game at the same time, so naturally pauses the game automatically.

Of course you can still play the game if you choose to, but as demonstrated by how badly Medhi drives whilst watching TV — we don’t think it’s a feature many of us will be using, unless you’re an expert multitasker.

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