Wireless charging to be included in new Samsung monitors

Thomas Wellburn
July 27, 2015

Samsung has debuted a new range of desktop monitors which will have wireless charging capabilities directly integrated into the frame.

Wireless charging is a pretty nice convenience for those who have the smartphone devices capable of utilising it. There’s no need for wires and you can easily pick up the device to take an incoming call. It’s a productivity powerhouse, which is why it’s great to see it included in the new Samsung monitors. The full-HD 24-inch S24E370DL and 27-inch S27E370DS monitors will both have the widely adopted QI wireless charging standard built-in, meaning they should work with most brands of smart devices. You’ll also get AMD’s anti-flicker technology and 178 degree viewing angles. AMD’s tech will allow a flicker-free experience at much lower brightness settings versus normal displays.

There’s currently no word on a release date, though we would expect it very soon. Especially with IFA just around the corner.

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