Amazon to introduce drive-through supermarkets

Thomas Wellburn
July 27, 2015

Amazon has its eyes set on breaking into the grocery sector by unleashing a series of ‘drive-through’ supermarkets. 

Not content with their crazy ways, it seems are Amazon are at it once again. With the e-commerce giant eager to expand into the real world, you could soon all be driving though an Amazon-themed supermarket. As is customary with the company, they want to make the entire thing automated for easy use. Shopping indoors is so 2105!

Rather than having to physically pick your food in person, Amazon wants to offer an on-line ordering service where you retrieve your goods after picking them over the internet. Once you reach the shop, it’s a simple case of driving through the gate and collecting your load.

The company plans to introduce its first branch in Sunnyvale, California, with more due in the near future. The building will essentially be a large food warehouse, not dissimilar to those that currently ship goods for the Amazon e-commerce website.

While we can’t say for sure if it will ever hit UK shores, the company typically use the United States as a testing ground. If it’s successful there, you can bet they will try their luck here too.

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