UPDATED: Vodafone will range the eight inch Galaxy Tab 3

Alex Walls
June 4, 2013

Vodafone has confirmed it will range Samsung’s recently unveiled eight inch Galaxy Tab 3.

The Korean manufacturer announced two new models recently, the eight and 10.1 inch tablets, following on from confirmation about a seven inch model.

So far, Vodafone has been the only operator to confirm it will range the new Tab series, with the eight inch on offer.  However information about dates and prices was not available.

Everything Everywhere and Three said they didn’t have any information as to whether the companies would range the device at this point.

O2 confirmed it would range the Galaxy Tab 3  eight inch and 10.1 inch in the third quarter of this year.

What Mobile is waiting on comment from Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u as to whether they will range the new Samsung tablets.

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