Virgin America launches first ever in-flight social network

Saqib Shah
February 12, 2014

We’ve all done it, or at least considered it, but Virgin America wants to make in-flight socialising that much easier with the launch of the first onboard social network.

Developed with Gogo Wifi and the Here on Biz geo-location app, the service  lets you register via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to contact fellow travellers at the gate, on your plane and even on other Virgin America flights.

Android users will have to resort to making real conversations, however, as Here on Biz  is currently only available through the app store.

But before you decide to take your single-serving friendship to the next – possibly romantic – level, keep in mind that Virgin’s service is closer in spirit to LinkedIn than Tinder.

Virgin America says the service is targeted at business travellers who want to “take advantage of downtime in-flight to build or renew their professional connections.”

Source: Engadget

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