UMi Plus survives a power drill

Thomas Wellburn
October 11, 2016

UMi has today released a promotional video showcasing the strength of the new UMi Plus… versus a power drill.

The UMi Plus has reportedly been built with strength in mind, incorporating various design layers to help protect the handset. The screen uses a tempered glass panel rather than the usual Gorilla Glass from Corning, which they say helps to further prevent against scratches and scruffs. UMi has released a video demonstrating the scratch resistance of the panel, where an employee takes various tools to the screen in an attempt to cause damage. This includes a screwdriver, hack saw and even a power drill. None of the instruments leave a mark, despite being pretty aggressive in some of the tests.

The UMi Plus survives!

UMi has continued to release quirky promotional campaigns which showcase handset features and the UMi Plus is the latest to be subjected. On their YouTube channel alone, they’ve attracted a subscriber base of almost 30,000. The company follows a similar trend to Xiaomi and OnePlus, preferring to use social channels as opposed to actual marketing. The Plus is their latest cost-effective flagship device, utilising a MediaTek Helio P10 processor and 4GB  for decent budget performance.

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