SteelSeries announces wireless console-like controller for iOS 7

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January 6, 2014

We’ve seen more than enough smartphone gamepads in our time, but SteelSeries is offering a first for iOS 7. The company has revealed a wireless controller that’s designed to make games feel like a console experience.

Introducing the Stratus wireless controller. It’s a pad that will work on any iOS 7 device without the need for any kind of wired connection. It features direction and face buttons as well as dual analog sticks. There’s even four shoulder buttons and a power button, making it almost feature complete with console controllers.

It is of course a Bluetooth controller, featuring a batteyr life of 10 hours play time. Better yet, multiplayer support is also included through multiple connections to the same device. Up to 4 can connect to any one gadget.

The SteelSeries Stratus goes on sale today for £89.99 and is available via Apple’s online store of the company itself. Happy gaming.

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