Resistance, Gran Turismo 5 servers shutting down

Jamie Feltham
January 6, 2014

Sony has confirmed that it will spend some of the first half of 2014 saying goodbye to old friends. Servers for the Resistance series, Gran Turismo 5 and a few other PS3 exclusives will be shut down, blocking online play.

On January 28th the multiplayer componenets on SOCOM: Special Forces, SOCOM: Confrontation and MAG will be put to an end.

Following that, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 will be gone on March 28th.

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 has its servers shut off on May 20th.

It’s a shame in some cases. Sure, Gran Turismo 5 is survived in Gran Turismo 6, but the Resistance series will now only have the sub-par Burning Skies on Vita to play online. Furthermore MAG, Sony’s 256-player multiplayer game, was destined for better things.

But this will undoubtedly make room for many, many more hours of PS4 multiplayer action, so dry those eyes.

Source: CVG

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