Snapchat for iPhone updated, brings revamped UI and in-app profiles

Jordan O'Brien
June 6, 2013

Snapchat, the app which allows you to send self-destructing pics and vids to your friends, has released an update for iPhone, bringing a whole host of new features — including a revamped UI.

The new UI brings the ability to swipe between your friends, your inbox and the camera, as well as making it even easier to add new friends.

Whilst the inbox hasn’t changed all that much, the camera UI has had a much-needed lick of paint, getting rid of the blue bar at the bottom, and replacing it with something far more transparent.

Double tapping an inbox item will allow you to immediately jump into the camera and reply with a selfie of your own.

There has even been an inclusion of profiles, but if you’re expecting the in-app profiles to be detailed and fully-featured you’ll be sorely disappointed, as they’re just as bare as the current web-based profiles.

The version 5.0 update has been dubbed Banquo by the Snapchat team, after the infamous character from Shakespeare’s Macbeth — who ends up getting murdered and becoming a ghost.

If you want to get your snapchat on, then head on over to the app store where the update is now available.

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