Shiny metallic Moto Z with ‘MotoMod’ modular backplates

Manny Pham
May 27, 2016

A new leak reveals what Lenovo might be bringing to the modular game with renders of the ‘MotoMods’ on show.

Again serial leakster Evan Blass feeds us more goodies (above) about Lenovo’s new Moto Z range, the follow up to last year’s Moto X. Blass has also shared an image revealing what the modular ‘MotoMod’ peripherals, might end up looking like.


The Moto Z image reveals three colours, black, silver and bronze. But more interestingly we can get a better idea of how the ‘MotoMods’ will work. The back connectors seen on the bottom of the devices corroborates with reports stating the peripherals will connect simply by snapping on the back of the Moto Z devices.

Blass revealed the three ‘MotoMods’ we see above, are a projector, JBL speakers and Hasselblad camera. If proved to be true, Lenovo will have more quality partnered, modular accessories, potentially at launch than LG did with the G5.

Lenovo are expected to unveil the Moto Z range with the ‘MotoMods,’ at Tech World conference in San Francisco on June 9th.

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