SayMore – A new app to encourage real conversations?

Thomas Wellburn
July 23, 2015

A new social media application called SayMore has been launched which aims to encourage proper social skills through random conversations with strangers.

Created by Brent Hurly and backed by YouTube co-founder/ brother Chad Hurley, SayMore is a social media app with a twist. Instead of discouraging intimate conversations by introducing instant messaging aspects, this application goes out of its way to get you talking with complete strangers.

After initially filling out your profile with relevant information, you’re free to browse through a list of curated popular topics. When one takes your fancy, simply check the profile of someone within the conversation and drop them a call. You could be talking about anything, from cats to politics. The service is entirely free and uses cellular data/ WIFI to transmit HD voice between callers. No numbers are exchanged between contacts, meaning there is less of a chance you will be verbally stalked by a complete stranger.

While the idea is good and it’s nice to see an application encouraging actual physical communication, there’s definitely a worrying tendency for the app to descend into chaos. I’m sure Brent Hurley is well aware of the dangers that it could turn into ChatRoullete for voice calls, so it will be interesting what moderation procedures are introduced going forward. Still, it’s a very interesting app that is worth checking out. It’s available now on iOS.

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