Major WhatsApp update will change the way you chat

Alex Yau
July 23, 2015

WhatsApp’s latest Android update (v2.12.194) brings a host of new features, allowing users to customise notification tones, mark conversations as unread and limit data usage when making voice calls.

The most notable feature is the option to customise the notification sound you receive for individual or group conversations. This means you’ll potentially know who’s contacting you without even having to look at your device.

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Customising notification sounds is simple. Just open up the detail page of your preferred contact and find the new Notification box. You’ll be given the options of changing notification style, muting notifications, turning notifications off altogether and changing the notification tone. You can even change the vibration length and notification light.

You can also mark messages as unread, but this will only be visible to you. Other participants in conversations will still see that you’ve read the message. Another new feature is the option to have low data voice calls. This will limit the amount of data WhatsApp uses when you make voice calls.

The new update will be released over the next few days.

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