Samsung expecting Galaxy S4 to pass 10 million sales next week

Alex Walls
May 17, 2013

Samsung are expecting the Galaxy S4 to pass 10 million sales next week.

Co-chief executive Shin Jong-kyun told reporters at an industry forum that the company was confident the flagship would pass 10 million sales by next week, and that it was selling faster than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, the Korea Times reported.

“Samsung spent 50 days to pass the 10 million sales mark for the S3. The S4 will be Samsung’s first ’10 million seller’ device less than a month after its official debut.”

The device passing 10 million would make it the fastest selling smartphone in the Korean company’s history, the Korea Times reported.

However the Times reported that the chief executive remained reticent when it came to unbreakable, or flexi-displays, saying more time was needed.

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