Game Review: Cut The Rope Time Travel

Alex Walls
May 20, 2013

Cut The Rope Time Travel

ZeptoLab UK Ltd

Free on Android, £0.69 on Apple iOS

4star 100px

Cut The Rope is already a very popular game for devices and looking to get in on the action a little bit more, ZeptoLab has created Cut The Rope Time Travel.Screenshot_2013-05-16-20-54-18

The aim of this physics puzzler is to feed the (very cute) Om Nom Nom and one of his various ancestors candy – there are six ages or aged relatives present, including the pirate era (I’m not sure there
was one distinct period in history for pirates but there you go), the Renaissance (who makes a very odd noise when you don’t feed him), Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.  The candy is generally suspended from ropes or chains and your mission is to use various means to get the candy into the mouths of your monsters as they wait hopefully, licking their lips from time to time in anticipation.

These tools include bombs, saws, bubbles, bellows and more, all in an aim to angle the candy into the slavering mouths (Om Nom Nom will occasionally wave at you when you’re taking too long).

The levels are not very difficult – at most you’ll spend about 10 minutes trying to work something out and generally, you’ll steam ahead with no troubles while still enjoying the challenge the game presents, so a good option for short term travel such as Tube journeys.  The graphics are very cute and there are optional extras such as Om Nom Nom’s power of telekinesis, which you can earn after a certain amount of star (or buy).

The various ancestors are cute but seem like a lost opportunity, given that the gamers could have incorporated their world, or objects  from their world, into the game. As it is, objects from their era are part of the background screensaver (for instance, a sailing ship for the pirate era) and the ancestors are dressed like characters from that time period.

The other annoyance is that pop up ads are insanely common – they happen between each level and some of them are videos you can’t skip.  To get rid of them entirely, you have to pay.

For £0.69 on Apple, this game would get three stars.  For free on Android, the pop up ads are bearable and the game gets four stars.

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