Review: Tech-Energi Triple USB Mains Charger

Stephen Watson
September 21, 2019

Available from Tech Energi website or Music Magpie Site for £17.99

Tech Energi is another sub-brand from accessory manufacture Mr Mobile. Tech Energi are unique compared to anyone else in the accessory sector as the branding is stand alone they use an energy drink design for there range of charge cables, mains chargers.

In this review, I will be talking about the Triple USB Mains charger. As mentioned the packaging makes this package stand out compared with its energy drink can design. Inside the can you are given a fabric carry bag with the Tech Energi branding on it. You also get a small instructions page and the plug.

The plug its self is made of plastic but at under £20, it’s not surprising. The design of the plug gives you space of 3 USB ports and you can charge anything that is compatible with a USB Socket. This plug comes with short circuit and overload protection.

What I like about this plug is the fact you can use this in the home or the office. Personally I use it at home and have charged my phone, Wireless Headphones and power my Amazon Home Hub. Meaning I can charge multiple devices all at once.

The USP of this plug is the fact it has a smart IC and that sends the most charge to the device that needs charging the most. Now if you’re only using this plug to just charge one item you then get the full 3.1amp when charging.

This triple USB charger is perfect for these people like myself who have multiple devices they need to charge at any one time I would highly recommend getting this for your house or office. 

Available from Tech Energi website or Music Magpie Site for £17.99

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