Nokia rolls out Lumia 520 and 720 in UK

Alex Walls
April 10, 2013

Nokia has rolled out two more devices in its Lumia range.

Introduced at Mobile World Congress (MWC), the last two devices in the now quite extensive Lumia range are available in the United Kingdom.

The Lumia 720 was billed at MWC as a  high-end camera experience in a mid-range phone while the 520 is now Nokia’s cheapest Windows Phone 8 device, sitting just below the Lumia 620.

The Lumia range now comprises five devices in total, and Nokia said it felt its overall sales would increase with its expanded range of products.  Differentiation between the various phones would  come from the price points, which was particularly important to Pay As You Go customers, as well as a better experience as users progressed through the price points.

The higher end devices would feature additional capabilities such as NFC, Nokia Drive+ (so global offline mapping options), front facing cameras and the like, which would also help differentiate them, a Nokia spokesperson said.

Marketing would focus on its flagships, with partners featuring the different devices, the spokesperson said.  Businesses had also commented that it was good to have a range of devices for an entire company, from workers to board members, running on one operating system with the same capabilities and apps, they said.

The 720 is available in red only from O2 for £22 a month on contract, with other retailers offering the device in the coming future.  Pay As You Go is £299.99.

The 520 is available in cyan and white for £99.99 on Pay As You Go from Carphone Warehouse or £7 per month on contract or red and black from O2, and black and white from Vodafone and black from Everything Everywhere by the end of this week.

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