Nokia releases three new candybars for under £45

Alex Walls
July 3, 2013

Nokia has released three new candy bar phones, the Nokia 207, 208 and 208 Dual SIM.

The phones were the company’s most affordable 3G devices, Nokia said, and had app and mail capabilities, available for ‚¬52 ( £44) for the 207 and 208 (no word on the Dual SIM pricing), available in the third quarter of this year, in red, yellow, white, black and blue.

Nokia mobile phones executive vice president Timo Toikkanen said the 207 and 208 were designed for those who wanted a traditional keypad with a smartphone experience.

The devices appear to be targeted at emerging markets or other areas of Europe than the UK; the Dual SIM 208 is available in Zimbabwe, Somalia and Uganda, for instance, and the 207 is only available from Germany.

Reminiscent of the Lumia range in terms of its curved corners and plastic covers, the 207 and 208 both feature a 2.4 inch screen.  The 207 doesn’t have a camera, however, while the 208 features a  1.3 MP snapper.


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