Nokia Lumia 2520 coming to AT&T on November 22

Jordan O'Brien
November 15, 2013

If you’re a massive Microsoft fan then be prepared for christmas to come early, as on the 22 November a whole range of products are scheduled to launch. Of course you already know that the Xbox One is set to arrive on that date, as well as the Lumia 1520, but we’ve now heard that Nokia’s first Windows RT tablet will also launch on that tablet, and in case you’ve forgot it’s the Lumia 2520.

The Lumia 2520 will be launching in the US only on that date, as far as we know, with AT&T getting the device first – and it’s set to be a bargain at just $199.99, when you buy-in to one of Nokia’s phones for two years. Don’t think you’ll get away with getting a Lumia 520 though, with only the Nokia Lumia 925, 1020 and 1520 getting you the discount.

If you don’t fancy having a discount, then no problem as you can also opt for the $399.99 and two-year agreement, with a no down payment scheme, no upgrade or activation fees either. All it’ll set you back is $25 a month.

To sweeten the deal AT&T is going to throw in $20 worth of apps for those who purchase a 2520 between 22 November and 9 January 2014, but if your heart is set on the red model – you’ll be sorely disappointed, as the company is only offering the black variation.

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