Nokia Lumia 1520 UK pricing set, free from £38 per month

Jordan O'Brien
November 21, 2013

If you’re hoping to get the gigantic Lumia 1520, then it’s getting ever closer, with Carphone Warehouse finally kicking off preorders for Nokia’s first phablet – although pricing starts are a rather hefty £38 per month for a free phone from Vodafone. That’s for 2GB of 3G data, rather than the 4G plan, which will cost you an extra tenner putting the Lumia 1520 well above many other smartphones at £48 per month – although for the 4G plan you’ll have to put up £20 up front.

If you go for the 4G plan you will get a rather huge 12GB of data, although you can bring the monthly price down a little by coughing up £90 up front and paying £44 per month instead. As with most plans these days, you will net yourself unlimited calls and texts, which is always nice.

Carphone Warehouse has only announced Vodafone pricing, and as it stands it doesn’t seem to be offering any other deals on any other networks or even SIM-free pricing, but with Nokia confirming that it will announce a UK release date on Monday, you can be sure we’ll hear more retailers come forward soon.

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