Instagram arrives on Windows Phone in beta form

Jordan O'Brien
November 21, 2013

Microsoft can fly a victory flag today as its Windows Phone platform, which has struggled to get some of the big name apps, has finally plugged one of its biggest holes – Instagram. Whilst the platform has had many third party alternatives, an official offering should help the company entice more people overt the platform, given the service is often quoted as a must-have app for prospective Windows Phone users.

The app which officially arrived last night is only arriving in beta form, which means many features are currently missing from the app – including what is arguably the biggest hole, video uploading. It’s not known why Instagram has forgotten such a massive feature in the first release for the Windows Phone operating system, given the service is currently pushing video harder than ever – with it attempting to eclipse Vine, which also launched an app on Windows Phone two weeks ago.

Despite reports to the contrary, you are able to take photos from within the app, as well as upload those pictures you’ve already taken. The familiar camera capture screen has been replaced by the typical in-app camera function though, which is disappointing given the aspect ratio of Instagram photos not being immediately obvious.

The app is available to download for free in the Windows Phone store now.

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