Nexus 10 to be updated this month?

Jordan O'Brien
November 18, 2013


It’s been a good year for Google’s range of Nexus devices, with a brand new refresh to the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5 – but it seems like one has been left in the shadows, and that is the Nexus 10. Thankfully we may not have to wait too long before that too gets a much-needed update, with images leaked on Reddit supposedly originating from Telefonica in Spain, although the company has since denied this.

The images show a 10-inch LG tablet dubbed LG-V520 on what appears to be running stock Android 4.4 complete with the ‘Google Experience’ launcher, which is currently exclusive to the Nexus 5. If the image is to be believed, then the tablet looks like it’s going to be a bargain, at just £299. The poster also revealed that the tablet is set to land on November 22.

The one oddity with the LG Nexus 10 appears to be the manufacturer, given that LG also makes the Nexus 5, and Samsung previously made the Nexus 10. Of course LG and Google have worked together on more than just the Nexus 5 before, with the Nexus 4 also being LG-made.

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