Updated: T-Mobile posts 12 month SIM for free, honours all who got it

Jamie Feltham
November 18, 2013

Update: T-Mobile has offered an official statement on the mistake. It will indeed honour those that took advantage over the deal: “It would seem Christmas has come early this year for a small number of T-Mobile customers. We’re aware of the plan which was available on our T-Mobile site and we will be honouring it for the lucky few who have signed up to it.”

Original Story: Bit of a slip up on the T-Mobile front now.

Hot UK Deals uncovered a mistake on the company’s website that listed a £8 a month SIM for free. The contract lasts for the year, so it’s a total saving of about £96. That nets you 250 minutes, 500 texts and 500MB of data a month, which isn’t bad considering your wallet won’t be taking a hit. Better yet, T-Mobile has confirmed that it will be honouring all who snap up the deal before its corrected.

It’s not the most generous SIM out on the market but you can’t argue with free, can you?

Source: Hot Deals UK

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