New study reveals phones most likely to break

Saf Malik
January 19, 2021

iPhone 11 tops the list for most cracked screens

A new study by pCloud has revealed that almost 20,000 Samsung Galaxy S7’s broke in the last year.

A study analysed model-specific searches around damaged phones and how to get them working again to discover which phones are most easily broken.

The 5 most fragile models

Model Number of Searches
Samsung Galaxy S7 19,640
iPhone 7 18,760
iPhone 6 18,130
Samsung Galaxy S8 15,760
iPhone 8 13,720


Every year there are over 700,000 searches in the UK around broken phones and how to fix them, with 213,000 around phone screen breakages alone.

The study revealed that the Samsung S7 received 19,640 searches around breaking and how to fix it, closely followed by the iPhone 7 with 18,760 searches.

Apple products totaled 390,480 broken phone searches in the last 12 months alone, while Samsung had 132,040 searches.

The iPhone 11 topped the list for cracked screens with 28,120 cracked screen searches specific to the model throughout the last year.

In second and third place were the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.

iPhones received 124,080 searches in 12 months around broken iPhone screens, while Samsung phones received 51,480.

Top 5 models with screens most likely to crack

Model Number of Searches
iPhone 11 28,120
Samsung Galaxy S10 10,800
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 9,200
iPhone 6 4,120
iPhone 7 3,520


Water Damage

Despite Apple’s claims that the iPhone X is water-resistant, the model topped the table with 7,120 searches around water damage from unhappy customers.

Overall Apple phones received 140,440 searches of users looking for support for water damage in the last 12 months while Samsung received 21,520.

Top 5 models most likely to suffer water damage

Model Number of Searches
iPhone X 7,120
iPhone 7 5,230
iPhone 6 5,040
Samsung Galaxy S6 4,120
Samsung Galaxy S7 4,080

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