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January 19, 2021

Sky high

You’ll be relying on your chosen network to get the best out of the comms coverage and data speed capabilities on your S21. Sky Mobile is  the fastest-growing mobile virtual network in the UK.

Comparison site Uswitch rates Sky Mobile Network Of The Year after comparing mobile phone deals on hundreds of thousands of offers, from pay monthly smartphone contracts to SIM-only offers.

Sky is already massive in the UK home entertainment with Sky TV (including the Sky Q ‘fluid viewing’ service) and Sky Broadband. Sky Mobile started its service four years ago. Since then it has earned a reputation for some of the best SIM-only deals, and contracts.

Treat yourself to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21+ on Sky Mobile and you’ll find flexibility is a stand-out benefit giving you the power to roll over unused data for up to three years, share unused data with family and friends on the same account on up to five SIMS, swap your phone any time after 31 days and upgrade to a brand new one, and mix up data, calls and texts every month. Save unused data in Sky Piggybank and exchange banked data for discounts on mobile upgrades, accessories and tablets.

Sky Mobile is the only network access go give you unlimited streaming to watch shows on the Sky Go app without using any of your mobile data allowances.


Grab a new Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ 5G or S21 Ultra and you’ll hold in your hand a device equivalent to much of the UK’s entire computing power of 50 years ago!

Then, a supercomputer was the size of a room and cost millions of dollars. These days it would struggle to summon up enough computing power to even turn on a modern smartphone like the S21..

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 platform with a 5nm processor that is around 20 per cent faster than last year’s S20, is the beating heart of the S21 and includes the 5G modem and camera logic and which makes Samsung’s latest addition to its Galaxy portfolio many hundreds of times more powerful than a 1970’s Super Computer.

A SIM-only price of around £769 or £899 (depending on 128GB or 256GB storage) for the S21 is also substantially less than the price of that Super Computer of yesteryear!

For your money, you’ll get a near-pro quality triple-lens camera, cinematic 8K video recording and editing, intelligent personal assistant, and an elite gaming rig, all connected with global 5G speeds for a premium experience.

8K VideoThe 24fps and 50 fps 8K video experience is cinematic. Use the K Video Snap function to get screen grabs of 33MP frames from your 8K clips.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also kind to your eyes. It automatically adjusts the blue light levels emitted by the AMOLED screen to reduce eye strain and fatigue and let you view content and movies on Samsung’s smoothest scrolling screen for hours on end without having to reach for the eye-drops

Connectivity for the S21 packs in Wi-fi 6, Bluetooth 5. and of course full 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G band coverage. The GPS chip locates all the A-GPS, Galileo, and Glonass satellite constellations to quickly fix your location anywhere on Earth.

If the 6.2-inch screen of the S21 isn’t big enough for your needs, immerse yourself in the 6.7-inch experience of the S21+. As well as more screen real estate the bigger 21+ contains an extra 10X telephoto camera and a bigger battery to keep range-anxiety to a minimum

Phantastic colours

Standout aesthetics can be as important as the internal components when designing a state-of-the-art smartphone. The Phantom Black, Phantom White, Phantom Gray Silver, and Phantom Pink case choices of the S21 Ultra 5G comes with a classy Deluxe Frosted Haze matte finish. The bigger Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G+ range adds Phantom Violet to the Black, Pink, Gray and Silver iterations

Picture perfect

Camera spec is probably top of everyone’s list of ‘must-have’ features when considering a new phone or upgrade. Advances in lens manufacture, sensor technology and computational photography now enable smartphones to produce results similar to those of professional cameras costing much more. The optical performance and imaging abilities of the S21 put it right up there with a DSLR.

The S21 64MP cameras – ultra-wide angle (13mm) wide-angle (26mm), 3x optical telephoto (28mm) covers all eventualities near and far. Touch the shutter button and the 108MP sensor triggers powerful algorithms to adjust any scene for perfect shots time after time.

On the front, a 10MP wide-angle auto-focus camera powers selfie stills and videos. Advanced AI tech deploys 3D analysis to pop the foreground away from the background giving every portrait a lifelike 3D quality. Options to adjust virtual studio lighting and background effects can produce gallery-quality photographs

For far-away scenes, Space Zoom eliminates shake and maintains image stability at up to 30x magnification Zoom Lock keeps the focal point centred so you stay sharp for pictures in the day as well as at night. Low light conditions are no longer a barrier to producing bright pictures when the lights go out and the sun goes down.

The S21 Ultra has nmo less than four cameras/ Ultra-wide 12MP, Wide 108MP,  and two  telephoto lenses.

Security blanket

Your S21 or S21+ will be your life hub with you 24/7 so your content and data need to absolutely secure, Every S21 is equipped with the highest level of security certification using biometric authentication from a fingerprint sensor. Samsung Knox security software embedded into the S21 provides a level; of security above standard Android security by checking for patches to protect the system from malicious code.

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