Microsoft could release an Intel-powered smartphone for Windows 10 Mobile

Thomas Wellburn
July 29, 2015

Microsoft could be working on an Intel-Powered smartphone that will run the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile operating system.

Windows Central has heard from various sources that the device will debut in early 2016 and will be metal, though that’s where the rumours end. The Intel-powered device could be the first rumoured ‘Surface Phone’, especially now that Panos Panay is in charge of hardware engineering.

It’s also a fair assumption to say that the device could be the first to run continuum on a smartphone, as Microsoft has already confirmed that current Snapdragon chipsets are incapable of displaying the technology. There’s also rumours that it could be very expensive, even eclipsing current flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in price.

The chipset is expected to be Intel’s higher-end 64-bit SoFIA processor, which will include an Atom x3 quad-core CPU and integrated LTE.

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Via Windows Central


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