Live blog: The next Nokia Lumia

Alex Walls
May 14, 2013

10.42am: A question about whether the suffix ‘5’ at the end of the 920 means whether a full range of ‘5’ Lumia devices will be on offer with similar capabilities, such as 625, 825.  Harlow says in terms of the numbering, as each device is developed, Nokia looks for the right number within its numbering system; this doesn’t necessarily mean it would have 625 etc but doesn’t mean it wouldn’t either: “I’ll keep my options open”

10.38am Further carrier and distribution announcements to come, Harlow says.  Specific announcements will be made in specific countries with specific distributors in coming weeks, but can expect to be available in Latin America.

10.37am Question time – launch in China will be a separate announcement, but happening “very soon” Harlow says.

10.36am Later this summer, Nokia will continue to bring “new innovation” and new user experience to Lumia portfolio – does this mean more Lumia devices?

10.33am Vodafone’s Patrick Chomet said the 920 was slightly too heavy; 925 is a good Nokia all rounder. Highlights design, Windows Tile experience, LTE and covers all frequency bands in Europe, imaging and video is “way above average”.  Launching in four big European markets.

10.29am Lumia 925 will be around  Ã¢€š¬469 before subsidies and taxes launching in June. In US launching as T Mobile’s flagship, China launching with China Mobile and China Unicom, launching with Vodafone in UK, Germany and Spain.

10.28am 145,000 apps for Windows Phone 8, including Temple Run.  Four Square and Burton apparently building experiences for Windows Phone 8.

10.26am Smart Camera latest experience will be available via Firmware update Nokia Lumia Amber to whole portfolio of Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices (Available with Lumia 925 when it ships).

10.23am Live demo of editing and camera capabilities – Jo Harlow from Nokia slam dunks a basketball, and Smart Camera selects best photo (not actually the best).  Action shot, allows you to switch between various frames, which is quite cool, has Jo mid-shot.  Motion focus – background blurred, Jo clarified.

10.20am Smart Camera also allows you to choose the best face when you’ve got one of everyone looking nice, and superimpose on photos.

Remove Moving Objects, like Samsung’s Eraser, removes moving objects when people walk by a photo.

10.17am  Nokia Smart Camera takes multi frame shots and combines with editor from single app.  Action shot allows you to superimpose images on top of a picture, can add fade effects to show motion.Nokia_5

Motion Focus creates motion blur in background and clarifies front picture. Can change strength of blur and edit image movement, so you can have someone walking by and choose where you want them to appear in their walk.

10.16am Can select various sharing options including Facebook, FourSquare and yes, Instagram.  For people who love photography.

10.14am The Lumia 925 will launch with  Hipstamatic’s unique app with Oggl community who love photography; app avail only on iPhone as well.   Takes advantage of Windows Phone platform advantages.   App features a camera mode with various filters; food filter, night time filter etc.   Can view library of pics, or in profile page, can see activity of others, can buy more add ons such as filters.

10.11am  Nokia is  ontinuing to push design, explore new manufacturing tech, new design approaches to materials. With a focus on metal this led to the Lumia 925

Advanced software  logarithms  to give better camera capabilities, even in low light, advanced Nokia smart camera to give best action shots etc, metal band design, around the body delivers a good antenna.

Aluminium frame contains antenna construction; product built out of metal with “incredible” antenna performance.

4.5 inch AMOLED display with Clear Black tech and curved glass.

8.7MP OIS, Carl Zeiss optics and flash, in normal mode delivers 8MP pics, 5MP images in Smart mode.

10.07am Yup, it’s the Lumia 925, with enhanced camera software, smart camera and a metal band design to work as an antenna.

10.06am  Built like all Lumias; polycarbonate monobody and sculpted glass.   Allows to focus on important ‘ the home screen and apps.

Continuing to push design, explore new manufacturing tech, new design approaches to materials. Metal: Lumia 925

10.03am Talking about balance of software and tech in 920 to allow a good camera. Engineers working to bring more capability and balance to Lumia. Introduced 928 with Verizon in the US, with same camera engine as the 920.  PureView camera also. Talking about clarity of sound on 928; speakers which allow clear audio with its camera.Nokia_4

10.02am Nokia will introduce a “great summer” of announcements for Nokia, plus a new Nokia Lumia to show.

9.57am  Five minute warning. There’s a whole lot of mentions about ‘seeing’ the next development etc, so I’m guessing there’s going to be an emphasis on the camera capabilities (so the 928?)

9.52am  Yusss WiFi boost. Looks like event may be about to start soon. For our recent Nokia coverage (and to guess what the company might be launching today) check out our story here.

9.45am  Nokia have certainly pulled out the stops – there’s room full of press (and Nokia Italy, I’m sure I saw at some point). Plus, there are fancy lights.



9.35 am  All ready and set to go at Nokia’s launch event for what it is saying is something which continues the Nokia Lumia story. They’ve provided coffee, so I’m happy. Stay with us as we cover the event live.

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