Lenovo sells more mobile devices than PCs

Alan O'Doherty
August 15, 2013

Sales figures released today by tech giant Lenovo have revealed that, for the first time, more of their business comes from smartphones and tablets than from PC’s.

While this means that the core the company’s business has changed this doesn’t mean that their PC division isn’t still going strong; Lenovo recently became the world’s biggest PC producer, shifting 12.6 million units and winning 16.7% of the market share in the last quarter.

The shift to a smartphone focus can be attributed to the Chinese market where Lenovo makes over 40% of sales. There, as the appetite for smartphones has increased Lenovo has seen a dramatic increase in sales along with other home grown brands like Huawei and ZTE.

What Mobile reported recently on the increasing global smartphone market and the news that smartphone sales have surpassed feature phone sales for the first time in history.


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