CBeebies launches Playtime app, lots of fun to have

Jordan O'Brien
August 15, 2013

What’s the perfect way to deal with children on a long journey? Have an app for them to play with of course, and now CBeebies has launched the perfect solution.

The new CBeebies Playtime app hopes to entertain your little ones for hours and is now available for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire.

When we asked the BBC about the possibility of a Windows version, we were told that the platform was something that the company continues to monitor.

The CBeebies brings four games that any CBeebies fan should recognise, with Alphablocks, Octonauts, Something Special and Tree Fu Tom all joining the fun.

The CBeebies Playtime app is not just for the young ones though, with a dedicated grown-ups area so that you can customise the experience for your children. A neat little feature is the ability to record your own message for when your child enters the game.

The four games currently available includes Alphablocks Word Magic, Octonauts Cadet Training, Something Special Paint Pop and Tree Fu Tom Chuckleberry Chase.

In Alphablocks Word Magic you’ll find your child learning how to spell just by using phonetics.

Octonauts Cadet Training uses the full power of the device you’re using, whether it be an iPad or any other device. You’ll have several missions designed to help the animals of the sea — and you’ll even have to shout into the microphone for one of them.

Something Special Paint Pop comes from one of CBeebies biggest hit shows — Something Special. If you’re not familiar with Mr Tumble then the chances are your child is. Paint Pop is designed to be playable by children of all ages and let’s their imagination run wild. It’s a game about creativity as you pop bubbles to colour in all kinds of accessories.

The last game that is launching with the app is Tree Fu Tom Chuckleberry Chase. This is one of the harder games, but according to Alison Stewart, Head of CBeebies Production, Animation & Acquisitions, “children of all ages enjoy it”. If you’ve played Temple Run before then it will be a familiar game mechanic — albeit a lot easier — as you race to catch all of the stolen chuckleberries.

When completing challenges within all these games you’ll be awarded a special CBeebies bug, which will remain with your children forever — so try collecting them all!

Although the game is currently limited to just four games, the CBeebies Playtime app will get several updates adding new content — meaning this is an evolving product for the BBC.

The app is currently available for free from iOS, Android and Kindle stores.

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