App spending to increase to $75 billion by 2017

Jordan O'Brien
August 14, 2013

We all love downloading apps, and it seems that we won’t be falling out of love with it anytime soon, with Juniper Research predicting that app spending will increase to $75 billion by 2017.

Juniper has taken into account that both iOS and Android’s app stores continue to grow, as well as Microsoft and Amazon’s own efforts.

What’s interesting is the fact that Juniper doesn’t see paid apps being the biggest chunk of the $75 billion, with the report claiming that around three quarters will come from in-app purchases.

It also expects tablets to take a bigger chunk of the pie, predicting that by 2017 tablets will amount to 35% of all app revenue, meaning tablets will be taking in around 3.5x the amount it does now, at $26.6 billion compared to $7.8billion.

Juniper envisages that the rest of the revenue will be made up from smart watches, smartphones and other devices.

Source: T3

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