It’s no funfair – Netflix finally ditches the carousel in new update

Thomas Wellburn
June 18, 2015

It’s been a long time coming but Netflix has finally updated the web interface and ditched that awful carousel wheel.

The original design almost felt like you were browsing through a video store in slow motion, with the lag pretty unbearable on underpowered desktops. Now, the streaming giant has opted for something a little more modern that sits along their applications in design and appeal.

The homescreen is now much more immersive and responds far quicker to your actions. Users can click and drag to quickly cycle through batches of titles, which is a lot better than the carousel of doom. The amount of times I’ve hovered my mouse at the end of a row only for nothing to happen is ridiculous.

Clicking on titles now gives you more information in a drop-down box below, showing season-by-season episodes. Previously, it would immediately autoplay the series. There’s also additional options for finding similar shows, where Netflix will recommend options based on your chosen series.

It’s a welcome re-design that everyone has been waiting for, bringing it mostly in-line with the dedicated applications.


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