37 new emojis will soon crash your inbox

Thomas Wellburn
June 18, 2015

The Unicode Consortium has just released Unicode 8.0, which supports 37 new emojis for you to spam within your messages. 

Unicode has long been the industry standard for the representation of text on computers. If you want to blame someone for the influx of emojis, it’s these guys.

Version 8 has finally hit the world, bringing forth several new wacky emojis for everyone to enjoy. The update brings Taco’s, Unicorns, Volleyball and even Cheese Wedges. Plus, you can even celebrate the news with the brand spankin’ ‘Bottle With Popping Cork’ emoji.

Support for these new emoji characters will rely on future updates from Apple, Google and Microsoft. It’s likely that iOS 9, Windows 10 mobile and Android M will all support the update. They have plenty of time to integrate the new system.

I look forward to receiving Hot Dogs and Taco’s at the end of every message for the purpose of ‘humour’.

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