iOS 9 BETA is out now for free! Everybody stay calm

Thomas Wellburn
July 13, 2015

Apple has today launched iOS 9 in a free public BETA, giving users a chance to try the upcoming operating system.

Apple has today launched the long-awaited iOS 9 public beta, giving users a chance to try out it’s unfinished operating system before the expected september launch. The OS is expected to ship with the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Previously, the only way to access the BETA was through the developers program. This was not a free experience and cost $99 a year. Apples decision to open up the beta was likely due to issues encountered with the final build of iOS 8.

The iOS 9 update is free to install and all you need to do is enroll in the public beta software program. As is expected, this is a BETA release so don’t expect everything to be squeaky clean. Apple suggests that you back up your data before installing the update, as glitches are likely to occur from time-to-time.

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